POLL: Thousand Of Muslims Leaving U.S Because Of Sharia Law Banned. Do You Support This ?

October 11, 2017

POLL: THOUSAND OF MUSLIMS LEAVING U.S BECAUSE OF SHARIA LAW BANNED. DO YOU SUPPORT THIS ?    Yes  No   Even if you aren’t religious, it is impossible to deny America is culturally a Christian nation. Much of our legal system and system of government is founded on Christian principles.  And children have always been celebrating Christmas in public schools, as a tradition.But local Muslim families in Montgomery County, Maryland…


BREAKING: Trump’s Poll Says His Strong Approval Rating Now Is Above 60 Percent!!!

October 9, 2017

President Trump has praised Rasmussen Reports for producing “the most accurate” polls, although the latest news from the polling company might not have him so thrilled.Rasmussen finds Trump’s “strong” approval rating is a mere 23 percent, while 38 percent of people “strongly disapprove” of the job he is doing in office. Trump’s lowest rating on Rasmussen came August 3, when a mere 23 percent of voters strongly approved of him. Rasmussen…



October 6, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump has promised many times that he will make sure that Hillary Clinton pays for what she’s done and for the harm her crimes have done to this country. However, we’re still waiting for the justice to get to her, and it appears that Trump also waits to get into office and then start taking actions to take criminals down. However, WikiLeaks aren’t patient anymore. Julian Assange wrote…


SHOCKING: Trump and Melania Walk Into Shooting Victim’s Room and Witness a MIRACLE Sent by GOD

October 5, 2017

Thomas Gunderson was one of the thousands of people attending the Route 91 Country Music Festival when gunshots began to ring out in the arena. Amidst the chaos, Gunderson ran toward the road and was struck in his leg by a bullet from one of Stephen Paddock’s many guns. By the grace of God, Thomas survived the gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital where he was treated and…


POLL: Should Illegal Immigrants Receive Social Security?

October 4, 2017

Should Illegal Immigrants Receive Social Security? We all know that while Barack Obama was president he would have given illegal immigrants any and everything for free if he could have. Not only did he stop the deportation of millions of illegals, he made policies that pandered to them. The video below is the perfect example of how he was willing to sacrifice the good of American Citizens for people who…