Assange Suddenly Drops A Truth Bomb About John McCain And Russian Government

November 13, 2017

John McCain has been catering to the liberal left by campaigning against the Russian government. He even went so far as to label it an “act of war.” But there is more. In a rather shocking discovery made by Wikileaks, it seems it wasn’t too long ago he was illegally campaigning for Russian ambassador, Vitaly Churkin…to provide donations for 2008 McCain/Palin GOP ticket. In 2008 a letter on a fundraising…


BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Could Be Arrested!!!

November 3, 2017

If Hillary Clinton wasn’t already in enough hot water as it was, this week’s bombshell revelation about stolen party primaries could spell her doom. And not just politically. While everyone’s rightly focused on how despicable it was for Hillary to maneuver and deny Bernie Sanders his fair shot at the presidential nomination, President Trump pointed out the very real legal aspect of the situation. Hillary broke the law, yet again….