A founder of the violent leftist group, Antifa said that he has quit the movement just because George Soros helped them turn into vicious terrorists. The founder, Shayne Hunter says that he had established the wing of the organization but has had to walk away from that after 4 years saying: “Soros was using us all just to start a civil war in every country in the world.”

The founder had also said that he started the group as a way of protesting, but that Soros actually invested lots of money to set up violent training camps, teaching “soldiers” to fight and use weapons. Now, after finally walking away from Antifa, he describes them as a “cult” that is brainwashing impressionable minds into creating instability from within.

I got radicalized in Sydney. I was originally concerned about the Western intervention in Syria. Radical left-wing people dominated rallies and I started to associate with them more. My so-called “normal” friends had drifted far away. We would hang out at an anarchist library.

I it like an extremist networking. I came to believe that war was a symptom of bigger systems at play in society and they were the real enemy, like white supremacy and partiarchy.

Antifa believes that all these systems need to be smashed down through a process of “de-platforming” to save the world. People who do not agree on everything are united to attack their common enemy – anyone in the right wing of politics. This micro-society became my life for four years. They believe historically that their roots were fighting Nazi oppression.

They run a website which is updated every couple of weeks with a hit list of right-wing names and they believe that if these people are allowed to speak, the society will suffer. So, they must be pushed back. There is no mission statement, but a dangerous rhetoric and there are too much damaged people who are drawn to it.

I have finally realized that everything that I had started to believe was wrong. You do not know humiliation until you have left a cult; I have wasted four years of my life. I’m still in contact with some ex-cult members but I don’t see anyone who is still active. In my 20-something generation, social media plays the role of a 24/7 preacher – like a pocket preacher.

So, their minds actually project some kind of belief and everything is filtered through this ideology. Without a doubt, it is a huge and growing threat to the society. It is a miserable mindset. When you get out and stopped feeling oppressed, you feel like you could take control of your life. George Soros is destroying the fabric of society from the inside out to suit his own agenda.

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