BREAKING: Trump Just Caught His White House Muslim Adviser In Sickening Plot – Here’s What Was Seconds From Happening

Ever since Mr. Trump was elected as a President, his administration has been working on ruining his reputation.

In order to see who’s loyal and who isn’t, the President tested everyone in his circle.

Ever since that happened, every week there’s a new story about some Republican back-stabber that got exposed. In the latest report, it’s a story about a Muslim woman within Trump’s administration that has been plotting her evil plan to sabotage the President. The Liberal media is doing their best to defend the whole situation.

The liberal main leaker of classified information has been finally caught! She used every source to leak Trump’s movement in politics. After setting the trap for the traitors, the Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Habib Powell has been the one leaking stuff from the White House hurting the party and the President so much. Got News reported:

“We all know she slept her way to the top of NSC, working her way from the receptionist desk at Dick Armey’s office,” notes one NSC staffer. “She has zero qualifications and, given her ties to Huma Abedin, is a security risk.”

According to Freedom Daily, “Dina Powell is frequently referred to as ‘The Republican Huma Abedin’ and is a member of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Vital Voices.’ Powell is a good friend of Huma Abedin, who worked with her husband ‘at the Clinton-linked consultancy Teneo.’ Powell also has connections to Obama’s confidant Valerie Jarrett.”

And guess what? Powell is a very good friend with Hilary’s former advisor and Muslim Brotherhood agent Huma Abedin. But wait.. There’s more! We found out that two separate National Security Council sources confirmed that NS Advisor H. R. McMaster has been leaking classified information to the liberal media.

The Business Insider reported that “Trump seems to be considering a sweeping shake-up of his West Wing staff amid the media firestorm that has followed his abrupt decision to fire Comey.” The President needs loyal people around him if he wants to make the country at its finest!

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