BREAKING: Two Black Cops FIRED For ‘Taking A Knee’ While On Duty

Two black cops from Barack Obama’s city, Chicago, will have a hard time buying candy for trick or treating this year because they’re going to be more worried about finding jobs as security guards, janitors, or whatever else they are qualified for.

A woman walked into the police station recently and asked the black police officers if they are “against police brutality and racism.” When they said yes, she asked them to make a political statement. Not only did they “take a knee” but they raised their fists to form a black supremacist hand gesture:

Originally, the Chicago police department said the anti-American men would be reprimanded for violating the department’s ban on political activity but the decision was handed down from Police Chief Bryant Clemmins, who is also black, to terminate them.

Interestingly, the policy came into being in January when snowflakes complained about officers displaying a “Make America Great Again” hat in a police vehicle.
FINALLY, some sanity is returning to the country.

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