BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Could Be Arrested!!!

November 3, 2017

If Hillary Clinton wasn’t already in enough hot water as it was, this week’s bombshell revelation about stolen party primaries could spell her doom. And not just politically. While everyone’s rightly focused on how despicable it was for Hillary to maneuver and deny Bernie Sanders his fair shot at the presidential nomination, President Trump pointed out the very real legal aspect of the situation. Hillary broke the law, yet again….


BREAKING: 64 People Shot, 11 Dead So Far Waiting on Police and President to Address The Nation

October 28, 2017

The last 36 hours have been among the bloodiest on record, leaving thirteen dead and an additional 64 victims were wounded in the brutal ambush, 11 of which have died. As people in this area are trying to come to grips with the sudden attack, President Donald Trump will soon be addressing it, as he’s expected to make an announcement about the bloodbath that has never been said before. While…


BREAKING: Trump Just Caught His White House Muslim Adviser In Sickening Plot – Here’s What Was Seconds From Happening

October 26, 2017

Ever since Mr. Trump was elected as a President, his administration has been working on ruining his reputation. In order to see who’s loyal and who isn’t, the President tested everyone in his circle. Ever since that happened, every week there’s a new story about some Republican back-stabber that got exposed. In the latest report, it’s a story about a Muslim woman within Trump’s administration that has been plotting her…


Donald Trump Just Gave Unpleasant Surprise To 100,000 Entitled Muslim Immigrants

October 22, 2017

President Donald Trump has influenced a lot of people to make room for the government movement laws that will be implemented under his supervision. For this, he has been marked with a lot of nasty nicknames by the Left. While that pointless diversion is truly testing Trump’s patience, we can take comfort in the way that the Trump organization has been courageous and not giving this issue a lot of…


Donald Trump Claims Increased UK Crime Is Due To Islamic Terror

October 20, 2017

The US President said the British crime figures are due to Islamic extremism. UK statisticians haven’t said anything like that. Donald Trump has suggested the reported rise in crime in England and Wales is due to the “spread of Radical Islamic terror”, despite British statisticians providing a completely different explanation. The President of the United States made the unsubstantiated claim in a tweet on Friday morning, saying the UK crime…


Is Trump Using “FAKE MELANIA”? See For Yourself! (VIDEO)

October 19, 2017

A video clip of the first lady wearing oversized sunglasses, while standing beside President Trump, had some questioning whether or not it was the real FLOTUS or a Melania stand-in. "We've done a great job in Puerto Rico," President Trump says of hurricane relief efforts — NBC News (@NBCNews) October 13, 2017 She and the President were facing reporters ahead of visiting the US Secret Service training facility in…


Donald Trump Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations: That’s Just Fake News!

October 17, 2017

Over the course of the past week, sexual assault and harassment against women in Hollywood have been in the headlines as a result of shocking allegations against Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of Miramax and the Weinstein Company. The scandal has turned a microscope on the behavior of powerful men in other industries and brought increased scrutiny on the tawdry past of our nation’s commander-in-chief. Yes, despite his repeated claims that “no one”…