Obama’s Plan To Destroy America Is EXPOSED – Can’t Believe What He Planned!

May 23, 2017

  The era of Obama placed our country years back, and we are more in danger now than before due to Obama’s unsuccessful policies and Islamic acceptance. How did we even pull through? An ex – CIA employee uncovered Obama’s secret plan. Clare M. Lopez has exposed that Obama had employed radical Islam sympathizers to his intel agencies. Wow, what a shame! (from Yes, I’m Right) We have to hold…


Donald Trump’s sudden “health problems” on Saudi trip could be laying groundwork for resignation

May 22, 2017

Donald Trump lasted all of forty-eight hours into his first overseas trip before he began exhibiting troubling signs about his health and well being, ranging from shortness of breath in the middle of a speech to reading the wrong words off his teleprompter, which came across so conspicuously that his own staff felt compelled to make excuses for him. But what if this isn’t what it looks like?  On the…