Donald Trump’s sudden “health problems” on Saudi trip could be laying groundwork for resignation

Donald Trump lasted all of forty-eight hours into his first overseas trip before he began exhibiting troubling signs about his health and well being, ranging from shortness of breath in the middle of a speech to reading the wrong words off his teleprompter, which came across so conspicuously that his own staff felt compelled to make excuses for him. But what if this isn’t what it looks like?

 On the surface it appears as if Trump has severe health and stamina issues that have been exposed by his decision to finally take a publicly documented overseas trip. And that’s not all that difficult to believe when you consider that he’s seventy years old, he’s obese, he brags of his poor eating habits, he kept his medical records suppressed during the election, and he appears to rely solely on a quack doctor who’s willing to tell whatever lies he wants to hear. But his sudden descent into suspiciously poor health, this early in his trip, considering what’s going on in the larger picture is suspicious in and of itself.
It can’t be ignored that Trump is coming off a week in which he was caught giving highly classified information to the Russians, caught obstructing justice, pinned down by the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate his Russia scandal, and haunted by members of Congress already using the word “impeachment” in his direction.
If Donald Trump has concluded that he can’t win this fight, and he’s considering resigning, he’d need an excuse. Even if everyone involved knew that he was obviously resigning due to scandal, his personality is such that he’d need an excuse that at least he can pretend is legitimate. The most convenient would be that the exasperating nature of politics is causing him health problems. So it’s at least worth asking if he’s suddenly acting like his health is in freefall so that he’ll have an excuse he can tell himself if or when he decides to resign.

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