EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Pence Barely Escaped an ASSASSINATION and NOBODY is Talking About It (VIDEO)

Mike Pence was busy visiting Pennsylvania for the 9/11 Memorial honoring the heroes or Flight 93. It was during that visit that he escaped an assassination attempt.

Right before Pence flew into town, the Secret Service caught wind of William Robert Dunbar’s plan to take out the Vice President. Dunbar, a 22-year-old National Guardsman from New Jersy, was arrested on duty for saying, ‘If someone pays me enough money, I will kill the vice president.’

That’s right, Dunbar wanted to KILL Mike Pence. It seems like he simply lacked the courage to do so without some backing. Luckily, he was reported for his violent rhetoric and sent to the County Prison in lieu of his $250,000 bond.

Luckily for us, this would-be murderer was stopped in time and VP Pence and his wife were able to make their trip safely and successfully. They even released this beautiful video of Pence’s trip and commemorative speech for our fallen heroes of 9/11.

If you are glad that Vice President Mike Pence is still alive and the perpetrator was arrested, celebrate with an Amen. If you want to help warn him, Trump, and everyone else how dangerous and deranged these leftists are becoming share this and let the world know.

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