Trump, Melania, and Barron Arrive Back at White House to Find EPIC Surprise Waiting for Them

President Trump, Melania and Barron finished their 17 days in Bedminster, New Jersey on Sunday and headed back to the White House in the evening. This return comes after the lengthy renovations have been completed in the West Wing.

The First Family boarded Air Force One together in Bedminster where Barron turns around at the top of the plane stairway and points towards his little cousins in tow with Ivanka Trump walking along the tarmac.

The Trump family arrived to the White House lawn on the Marine One and as they walked towards the main door, they noticed a very special surprise waiting for them! Trump and Melania see that a group of military families are waving at them from the south lawn. Without thinking twice, Trump immediately extends his arms and tells them to come say ‘hello’ to him. The children were all beaming with delight.

President Trump is ALWAYS treating military families with the kindness and consideration they deserve because he respects those who continue to fight for and put our country first. Compare this to Obama who NEVER showed any interest or respect to our military.

The President is expected to make an announcement tomorrow evening regarding his plan for the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan moving forward.

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